Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I purchased the Zip plans in late April and began building the frames the last week of April. Tracing the frames and cutting/sanding each part was easy. I have a local supplier for all of the required marine plywood and mahogany, Northwest Lumber, 15 minutes away in Indianapolis.

I purchased a Belt/Disc sander to make sanding faster and easier. I cut the parts out with a simple electric sabre saw and a fine tooth blade. The plans only print one half of each frame member so you must use carbon paper supplied from Glen-L to trace the outline of each frame part to the wood and the backside of the plans in order to line up the opposite side and make a full length frame out of a half of a plan.

I have just about completed my frames, I just need to cut some notches for the lenthwise members and nail the gussets. Also need to cut the transom. In a couple days I will be ready to build the building form. I could not resist laying the frames out so I could picture what the boat will look like.

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