Sunday, August 22, 2010

Motor Install Logistics

Today was another good, long day of boat work.
First, I finished up some tasks for the interior guy that he wanted done before I take the boat back to him late this week. (Set the gaps for the seat fabric, rounded corners, encapsulated ply)
Then Heather and I went to a local car show, it was a nice break.
After the car show my father in-law came by and we mounted the motor and marked and drilled most of the holes for the motor connections. We got the throttle and shift hooked up and working. Also, most of the steering is ready to hookup but I need to get a extension for my drill to remedy a clearance problem before I can see the motor steer with the steering wheel. We also planned for the electrical connections cutout. I need to shop for some more boots to cover the steering cutouts as well. So close but so much more to do.

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