Monday, June 01, 2009

Building Form

Now that the frames are just about complete. I needed to build the building form which holds the frames in slots cut out of two 2x6 joists. The boat is built on this form upside down then the boat is flipped right side up after the boat hull and plywood hull planking is completed. At that point the building form is unscrewed from inside the boat and discarded. (I'll have a heck of backyard fire when this is done to burn all the scrap wood)

Here is the beginning of the building form. The two 2x6's clamped together left of the form will attach to the top of the 1x6 uprights and be leveled. Then slots are cut in the 2x6 to accept the frames and hold them in place while the rest of the parts are attached to the frames. The plans call for anchoring the form to the floor with expansion bolts but I am trying to come up with another way so its more mobile. Maybe locking castor wheels?

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