Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to Upholstery shop

First of all. I cant believe this website has received over 10,000 hits!!! That just crazy. I hope it helped/inspired another builder like previous builders sites did for me.

The boat is out of my hands. The deadline Bill and I agreed on is Sept 6th and it looks like its quite possible it could be ready early. That's six days later than my schedule I set at the end of June. Cutting it close. I sure hope we dont run into any snags with the motor, or fuel system. IF things go smoothly the 12th is a possible tentative launch day. Knock on wooden boat.

When I dropped the boat off today another customer was picking his boat up and looking at the Zip said, "Thats an oldie but a goodie, isnt it?" I just said "Yep!" and left it at that. Made me smile. That was the first comment from someone outside my neighborhood or family.

Ill be heading to the BMV tomorrow with my stack of receipts to show I paid the required tax on materials and pictures to show I actually built this thing. That's all the IN BMV website says is required so I can get it registered and a hull ID number assigned. Then I will be heading to a local sign company to design and print the name that will be applied in vinyl lettering. Im thinking faux gold leaf and some elegant font thinly shadowed.
Any guess as to what the name will be????
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