Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Building form 2

I finished cutting the rest of the parts for the building form today. I actually had to cut some parts twice because I screwed up the first ones. I burnt them in my fire-pit in the backyard and I feel better now. Shoulda roasted a hot dog on it though.

Here is the completed building form with the frames, stem, breasthook and transom in place. Nothing is screwed in place yet, its all just clamped together for now. The building form is leveled in all directions though so it could be screwed in place now but I want to check over the plans carefully before I start screwing things in place. Seeing everything in place makes me feel like I am making some headway though. I saw a few neighbors taking long looks into the garage as they pass by, maybe a few are starting to realize what I am building and why I make so much noise with power tools everyday.

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