Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Port Rear Side Planking is ON!

Last night I mixed up a big batch of epoxy and attached the Port side rear planking for good. It took every clamp I have plus a ratchet strap to hold everything snug while I screwed the planking in place. The rachet strap really helped to curve the planking around the arc in the side of the transom and gave a great snug fit.
You will notice I chose to apply the side planking in two seperate pieces fore and aft. I think this makes applying the sides less stressful and managable by one person. The downside is its more difficult to get a really nice joint at the butt block where the fore and aft sides will meet in the middle but I think my joint is going to come out very nicely with only a 1/16" gap. Here is a picture of where the foreward side will meet the aft at the butt block.
You might be wondering why there is a darker outline to the planking around the perimeter where the screws go. I was working quickly to apply the epoxy to the chine/sheer/transom and then wanted to apply some epoxy to the planking as well and accidently applied it to the wrong side. So I skimmed it off and reapplied to the back side. The dark outline you see is what glue did absorb into the mahogany. Its not a problem since the entire boat will be covered in a coating of epoxy once all the planking is on. Lets just say I worked a step ahead and not call it a f*&% up.

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