Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bottom Battens

Over the past week I have not been working on the boat much. I had to fix my wifes power window on her car earlier this week. I have been doing more flying lately in a 1942 Stearman Biplane and flying for my regular job.
Tonight I started working on fairing the bottom battens to the shape of the bottom of the frames so the bottom planking fits flat. I also cut the forward ends of the battens a few days ago. They are made to taper at the forward tips.

Here is a shot of the battens before fairing. They are only screwed in place for now. When I am done fairing they will be epoxied and screwed in place again.

I also came across a fellow Zip builder with a blog about his build. His name is Robert Greco and he is building his Zip in FL. He started the same time as I did but he has already flipped his boat and the finish is stunning!



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