Friday, August 28, 2009

Fiberglass Kit Arrives

Today I went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to catch practice for this weekends 2009 MotoGP motorcycle race.

When I got home I had a little present waiting on the doorstep from the UPS man. My Fiberglass kit that I ordered from Glen-L on Monday arrived.
The gallon cans of resin got a little beat up on the bottom but they are not leaking so they should be fine. The fiberglass kit includes the resin/hardener and the fiberglass cloth that will cover the entire bottom and sides of the exterior of the boat making it water tight. It will be well into the fall before I am ready to fiberglass but I've got all the material when that time comes. Glen-L also sends a sampling of application tools with the fiberglass kit. Here is everything from the kit.

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