Friday, December 04, 2009

Prep for Fiberglass

Work lately on the boat has consisted of prep for the fiberglass cloth. I finished encapsulating the boat in epoxy resin. Its needs a final wipedown with acetone and a final sanding.
I am very happy with the plastic enclosed space. Its 34 outside today and the work space is 68F. I am going to get one more small heater in addition to the over head heater. I want one that I can move around to the cool spots like the bow of the boat, which is farthest from the overhead heater.

I also put a small fiberglass patch at the low spot in the bow to help build this area up.

I am really torn on the decison on how to finish the sides. I orginally planned to use 6oz fiberglass on the entire boat. Several builders had said they were not happy with the transparency with the fiberglass on the bright sides. I could buy lighter 3oz cloth for the sides or I could simply skip the fiberglass on the sides altogether and build the sides up with more epoxy to replace at least some of the abrasion resistance that is gained with the fiberglass. The fiberglass really adds very little to the strength of the boat but is helpful if you bounce off a dock a little harder than you would like. Sounds like a question to post on the Glen-L forum online.
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