Sunday, November 29, 2009

Winter Enclosure

It's been getting cold around here which has basically brought the boat building to a stop. Too cold for epoxy to set.
I have been pondering different options for being able to fiberglass and maybe paint the bottom of the boat during winter. After looking into heated storage units I decided to just insulate and enclose part of my garage. Hopefully I can heat the area around the boat to the 70F that is ideal for fiberglassing. I have one electric infrared heater so far, I'll see how much it heats the area tomorrow, I may need a second heater though.

My wife calls this my "fort." My father-in law says I should put up a sign that says "He-Man Women Haters Club."

Tasks over the next week are just in prep for fiberglassing. Today after I built the enclosure I began rounding the edges of the boat. This is done so the fiberglass cloth sits smoothly against the wood as it rounds the edge. A blunt edge would not allow the cloth to round the corner and stay attached to the surface, so I am told. I still need to take care of some high and low spots on the hull then it will be ready to glass. Im pretty nervous about that step.
Rounded edge...

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