Saturday, November 14, 2009

Transom Band Template

Today I did lots of sanding on the forward bottom of the hull. Still have just a little more to do but ran out of daylight. No more boat work will be happening until late this week due to training at work.

In between sanding I made a template for transom bands out of aluminum. Now I just need to drill some holes for the screws that attach the band to the boat. After the boat is flipped over and the side planking at the sheer trimmed to size I will know the exact length I need to make the transom bands and then can make the real ones out of stainless or maybe aluminum. I dont know enough about metal to know which to use. I'm thinking aluminum chromed would be ok for fresh water but stainless polished may be about the same cost???. I wonder if I could just do polished aluminum for fresh water, that may be cheapest.
If anyone knows of a machine shop around Indy that can do some trim work like this for me email me. I also need someone who can tig weld and fabricate a cutwater at the bow of the boat.
Here is a picture of the transom band template taped in place on the side of the boat.

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