Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bottom Paint

Tuesday morning I painted the first coat of blue. Thanks to Dave's advice I painted the first coat within 24 hours so that the blue chemically bonds to the primer for a durable finish. I used the roll and tip method which consists of rolling the paint on with a foam roller then sliding a 4" foam brush in straight, even, single strokes from the middle of the boat outward to knock down the high spots and help the paint lay down flat and glossy. You get as good a finish as spraying the paint with this method without the equipment and mess.
The blue matches the trim stripes on the Mercury engine perfectly. Its bright, but you have to remember you only see a little bit of the blue when the boat is right side up.

Today, I sanded the first coat of blue to knock down the runs and scuff up the surface for the second coat. I'll lay the second coat on saturday. Depending how it comes out that may be the final coat.
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