Friday, January 15, 2010

Ordered Primer and Paint

I ordered the primer and paint today from SuperMarine. The bottom paint is the TS-1000 series in Norse blue. Hopefully 2 quarts will be enough. The boot stripe color is Leapfrog green. Both are Gloss finish.

I emailed the tech department about which primer to use and Peter suggested the SM-664. I asked about the 7390 which another builder has used with great results and he said that would be fine but the 664 sands easier and is simpler to use since the 664 is a one part primer and the 7390 is a two part system. I just hope the 664 is just as durable. I am all for simple to use though so I went with the tech guy and bought a gallon of the 664 in white.

Here is my paint scheme ideas.

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