Tuesday, February 02, 2010

3rd bottom paint coat.

I sanded with 400 grit and painted the 3rd coat today. It really looks great. I got a chance to check it out with the garage open today and it looks even better with the natural light on it. I did not tip it this time and I ended up with some tiny pin-hole sized bubbles. So after cure I'll knock those off, re-coat and tip as usual.
I also got a couple thin spots in the paint again so I'll have a chance to fix those also, even though I'm the only one that would ever notice them. You can see in the photos I took the tape off. I was getting worried about having a ridge at the tape line with all these coats. I'll sand the edge and apply tape again before I re-coat and pull the tape about 1 hour after the final coat.

I worked on the boat for 41 hours last month. Pretty good progress for January.
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