Saturday, February 13, 2010

The FLIP!!!

Couldnt have asked for a nicer day around here for the Flip. The snow gave us a really soft spot to roll the boat over in the grass. I rented some muscles with pizza for payment. Those that helped were my father in-law and a college/flying buddy, as well as two buddies from the local r/c boat club. Im in the grey coat and black pants.
This photo is now my desktop photo and shows all the muscle that made it possible. More photos below.
I spent a little time adjusting the bunks first. Then took down the plastic structure that enclosed one half of my garage, where I work on the boat. I added two wood spacers between each 2x6 of the building form where they meet the transom. The spacers fit between the 2x6 and the transom frame so that when you you pick up the aft end of the boat the hull does not try to lift off the form. It kept everything sturdy.

After that it went over in just a couple minutes. I cleaned out the garage and am ready to fill my days working on the boat next week. Lots to do now but I better spend a little time with the sweetie this weekend too

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