Thursday, September 02, 2010

Getting there,

Alrighty, its September and things need to come together fast if I am going to be running at the Gathering or else I'll be watching from the dock.
The boat registration paperwork is filed and paid. Just waiting on the numbers from the BMV headquarters which should take a week or so. The gal at the BMV wasnt sure so I called the DNR to see if I could use the registration paperwork and receipt as legal proof the boat has been registered. He said "technically no" I should have asked the punishment if I did run it. I got the feeling if I had my papers in hand they would be OK with that but the letter of the law says otherwise. Dont know if Ill risk it until I know the punishment. It shouldnt take but a week or so for the assigned numbers to come in.

I then stopped by the upholstery shop to see if there was a chance it would be ready early. It will be, it will be ready this friday by closing time :D

Here is a cell phone pic of the backseat so far only the bottom and side panels are done but the seat back is just foam at this point.
Hopefully, I can get the motor installed, steering and running by this weekend.
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