Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fitting side planing 2

More fitting of the side planking.

I needed a way to mark the screw holes every 4 inches through the side planking and into the sheer and chine. This is what I came up with. I eyeballed the first and last holes then stretched a string between them and marked for the holes along the string. It worked pretty well.

In the second picture you can see the screws. When fitted the final time the screw heads will driven just below flush and filled over so they are not seen in the finished mahogany side.

Then I drilled and screwed the planking in place for now. The bits of wood block have a screw through them and act like washers along the places where a lot of bend is made so the screw doesnt punch through the planking. When I glue it permanently I wont need these.

Pleased with the fit I removed the side planking so I could glue on a piece of planking to the transom which covers the lag bolts and gives a nice mahogany exterior around the entire boat. Since I put the transom planking on now the end grain of the boat sides will be a little visible when viewed from behind the boat. If done after the side planking the end grain of the transom will be visible from the side of the boat. I think I should have waited and done this after the sides and bottom planking so that if they have trouble fitting perfectly around the radius of the transom they would be covered up. So I think I will be putting on a 1/8" veneer later. Just need to sand the edges of the new transom and the rear side planking is ready to be permanently attached with epoxy and screws.

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