Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chine fitting.

Fitting the first lamination of the Chines is a pain in the neck. I hope this is the worst part of the build because its not any fun. I've spent two days staring at this and scratching my head then going back to the literature and checking and rechecking the process to see if I am missing something that will make it easier.
I think the front of my chines are ending up too low at the stem junction but if I raise them up higher they bend outward and then they dont fit snugly into the slots in frame 5-1/2 (the first frame aft of the stem)

The cut at the chine/stem junction is pretty complex and ive made the cut, and it fits decently well to the stem I just dont know if they are hitting too low on the stem. I can always re-cut them if need be, I have plenty of chine material hanging off the back end of the boat. Im going to link this post to the Glen-L builder forum online and see if some other builders think its ok as is or if I need to get the chines to attach higher on the stem.

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