Sunday, September 06, 2009

Port Side Planking Finished.

Turns out the nicely matching Elmers Probond filler in the pictures from my previous post on friday did not turn out so well. When you apply epoxy resin to the area the wood surrounded the filler changes color like normal but the filler holds its color and does not allow the resin to soak into it. You must match the filler color to the finished color and NOT the pre-finished natural color. I should have experimented on scraps more. So I spent all of saturday trying to fix that. The problem is it dries hard so there is no removing it and starting over. So I bought some permanent art markers in various colors of brown and matched it up as close as possible. I am not very happy with it but the bottom holes will be covered by the bottom paint. I can always cover up the upper holes with the stainless steel rub rail or a paint scheme like Doug Hodder's Zip.

Below you can see the results of the screw hole filling along what will be the top of the side of the boat.
Here is the finished port side. You cant see it in the pictures but I just need to fill the joint where the two 8ft ply sheets meet in the middle of the boat. I am very happy with that joint, its less than 1/16" thanks to my visit with Todd and his Zip last month. The folks on the Glen-L builders forum suggested Famowood filler after my debacle with the Elmers filler. So I am waiting for Ace Hardware to open so I can go get some to fill that joint with. In the meantime I turned the boat around to work on the starboard side planking.

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