Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Since the flip on saturday I have been busy on the boat but it doesnt appear so. I removed the building form and the 2x6 block spacers at the breasthook in the front of the boat. Then I removed most of the epoxy runs in the inside of the boat with a chisel.
The last couple days I have been encapsulating the interior of the boat with epoxy resin to waterproof the wood. I have one coat on the entire boat now.

I still need to do a second coat. I roll the big areas but to get in the corners I have to use a small brush and it takes a while. Then it takes a long time to cure in these cool temps. Since I took down the plastic enclosure I am now heating the entire garage and the warmest I can get it on a 25F day is about 55-60F.
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