Monday, September 28, 2009

Bottom Battens 2

Today I had lots of time for the boat project. I finished most of the bottom batten/keel fairing. There is a lot more work in that then I ever thought there would be. I still have more fairing to do in the bow area but I am just about ready to install the aft 8' of bottom planking so I will most likely go pick up that material from Northwest Lumber tomorrow morning.
In preparation for the bottom planking I cut the limbers in the aft end of the battens just before the transom. These allow any water in the boat to drain to the middle of the boat where the drain plugs will be on each side of the keel. At the end of the day when back on the trailer you can simply pull the plugs and drain any water that swimmers brought inside the boat. It also makes cleaning the inside of the boat a simple matter of hosing it out and letting the crud drain out the back.

I think I am ready to unscrew these battens and epoxy and screw them in place for good. Then its ready for the planking.
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