Friday, October 30, 2009

Bottom Front Planking

Yesterday I epoxied and screwed the port bottom front planking on. This afternoon I removed the clamps and rough trimmed the excess. Its really looking like a boat now. I have some places to fill but overall I am happy with it. This stage in the build is among the most difficult so far.

This morning I went and looked at a 1968 Mercury 350S motor. The 350S is a 35 horse power short shaft motor. It was more of a project motor than expected and I did not purchase it. It was only an hour and a half away so I just had to look at it but if I spent the time to get it right I would never finish the boat, it would run but needed alot of TLC.
So I am still searching for a 30-40hp short shaft engine.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gathering and Hardware

We just got back from the Glen-L Gathering in Guntersville, AL. I want to thank all who trailered their boats for the event. The furthest came from Oregon 2980 miles but more than a half dozen came from Ontario Canada as well.

Pictures from the event can be seen here...

And video clips can be seen here...

In addition to the step pads which came in last week. More ebay purchases arrived over the weekend. My Perko bi-color bow navigation light with flag post hole came. As did all my bullet deck cleats. The finish on each of these items is perfect.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forward Bottom Planking

I started fitting the forward bottom planking today. I spent about 3 hours rough fitting and drilled about a half dozen screws to hold everything in place while I marked the edge where it meets the side planking.

To acomplish the difficult task of marking and accurately cutting the forward bottom planking where it meets the side planking the Glen-L book "Boatbuilding with Plywood" offers a handy trick. They suggest using a crayon and coat the edge of the side planking with the colored wax. Then you can "bounce" the forward bottom planking against this edge which transfers the marking to the bottom planking piece. You still are required to hand fit/trim a lot but it sure is a neat trick.

This is off topic and well ahead of this stage in building but while I was working today the US postal service dropped off a package of boat parts I had bought on ebay...step pads for the deck. These step-pads go on the outside edge of the top decking near the cockpits so you have something non-slippery to step onto when getting on and off the boat at the dock. You can see what they look like on Tom Grudecki's boat here. Mine are pictured below. These retail for about $30 a piece. I bought all four for $40 shipped. I like deals like that!

I've gone a little nuts on ebay lately. I also have a complete set of deck cleats on the way as well as a vintage red/green navigation bow light. Im looking at steering wheels as well. Still need to find a good motor though. Thats the big goal for winter when the building slows is to find a motor.

This weekend is the big "Glen-L Gathering of Amateur Boat Builders" in Guntersville, Alabama. Heather and I will be there all weekend and I plan to take and post lots of pictures maybe even a video...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aft Bottom Complete

I finished the aft bottom and transom.

After trimming the bottom planking edges I attached the final veneer to the transom. I should have attached the transom before the bottom because I had nothing to clamp the bottom of the transom to with the bottom planking epoxied in place. I ended up using brad nails and a couple bronze screws below the water line to hold the transom in place. The filler wont show up in the end since the boat will be painted from the water line and below.

I also filled the seam between the forward and aft side planking with filler and sanded. I then filled all holes and sanded the entire boat with 220 grit and am now ready to apply a coat of epoxy resin to protect the mahogany from dropped tools etc while I work on the forward bottom planking. Just need a bit better temperatures for the resin so I wont get to that until sunday or monday. In the mean time I may start rough fitting the forward bottom planking.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bottom Butt Blocks

A couple days ago I cut out and installed the butt blocks to the inside of the aft bottom planking. You can see them in the photo below, they are located between each batten and give the butt joint more surface area for glue and strength.
The epoxy is really taking a long time to cure lately. Its been 55F during the day and 37F at night. I cant believe how much difference it makes.

Today I epoxied and screwed the aft bottom planking in place for good. I hope to get the overhang sanded down and the planking sanded with 220 grit so I can put a coat of resin over it by weds this week.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bottom Planking 2

Slowly coming along on the bottom planking. Its not that it takes much time, I just havent been spending much time on the boat. I have too many hobbies/side jobs. I've been working on the boat less than an hour per evening lately.
The second half of the aft bottom planking is on. I am in the process of marking, drilling and screwing all the holes in the planking. I lost count of the number of screws on the boat now but I think there is something like 800 in the boat when its finished.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bottom Planking

I picked up the bottom planking on tuesday but had to work all day weds and got started on fitting the planking this morning.

I laid the ply over the battens and marked a line on the under side of the plywood around the edge of the chine and transom leaving about 1/4" of space.

Then I cut about 1/4" outside the line and fit the planking on the bottom of the boat. I stopped here because I need to go into work this afternoon. I also need to re-read the plans/instructions before I start screwing this is place to make sure I am not forgetting anything.

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