Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aft Bottom Complete

I finished the aft bottom and transom.

After trimming the bottom planking edges I attached the final veneer to the transom. I should have attached the transom before the bottom because I had nothing to clamp the bottom of the transom to with the bottom planking epoxied in place. I ended up using brad nails and a couple bronze screws below the water line to hold the transom in place. The filler wont show up in the end since the boat will be painted from the water line and below.

I also filled the seam between the forward and aft side planking with filler and sanded. I then filled all holes and sanded the entire boat with 220 grit and am now ready to apply a coat of epoxy resin to protect the mahogany from dropped tools etc while I work on the forward bottom planking. Just need a bit better temperatures for the resin so I wont get to that until sunday or monday. In the mean time I may start rough fitting the forward bottom planking.

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