Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Trimming Bottom Fiberglass

Today I trimmed the fiberglass to fit the bottom of the boat. To prep for this I sanded the 3 coats of resin used to encapsulate the boat and finished rounding the sharp edges of the boat. I used 80 grit paper throughout this process so the fiberglass will achieve both a good mechanical and chemical bond. I then cleaned the boat with white vinegar and then rinsed it with water.The fiberglass Glen-L sends for the bottom is a 34' by 38" piece of 6oz fiberglass cloth. You simply cut it in half so you have two pieces that equal the length of the boat then trim the outside edges leaving roughly 4" of overhang on the sides. You also overlap at the middle of the boat. The cloth will need to sit for several days and periodically be smoothed out so that it will lay nicely when its time to "wet out" the glass with epoxy resin. When the cloth is wet out it bonds to the surface and also should become transparent so all you see is natural wood, like the fiberglass isnt even there.

I'm still waiting for the "How to Fiberglass" DVD from Glen-L. I want to make sure I know what I am doing on this important step. However, the DVD is still on backorder. Darn.

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