Monday, February 22, 2010

Long Weekend

This weekend was a 4 day marathon of boats. My Dad came down from Chicago friday to help on the boat and visit my brother who lives nearby for his birthday. We started off by going to Northwest Lumber and getting the lumber for the forward deck framing. They had a beautiful strip canoe they have been working on for 2 years getting its varnish coats put on.

We measured and cut the notches in frame 5-1/2 for the deck frame members. Then we made blocks for the front and back of the members to sit on and attach to. The blocks prevent you from having these members notched in the dashboard/frame 4 and showing through the dash.

Before we fit the deck frame members we faired the Sheer all around the boat. This gives a level surface for the deck to attach to with the same contour of the to of each frame. This process took a lot of time, around 10 hours using a electric hand planer and elec hand belt sander.

We took a break from the boat work to go to the Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show. The highlights for us were the Michiana Outboard Boaters display of vintage outboards and wooden boats, including a Chris Craft Cobra. As well as the Indy Admirals R/C boat display.

Sunday we watched the race, worked on fairing some more and fitting of the forward deck frame members. Also had to take a break to go buy and install a new battery in the wifes Jeep. She was leaving to go to the store and it finally gave up and wouldnt crank. After dinner we epoxied the forward portion of the forward deck frame members in place and clamped them overnight.

Today, after I got back from a quick early morning flight for work we cleaned out the boat and put on a 3rd boat of encapsulation epoxy to seal the interior wood. (no pic) Then Dad heading back to Chicago

Tomorrow I'll bend down the other end of the forward deck frame logs and attach them.
Overall Dad and I logged 16 hours working on the boat this weekend.
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