Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sole continued...

Just a few more pics of the Sole progress today. I worked another 7 hours on it today. As expected I got distracted by my motorcycle and the nice weather and rode to where my Precision 13 sailboat is stored in my buddies hangar and put the new registration and license plate on it. Then rode the long way home. ;)
As far as the Sole goes I got most of the front two areas finished. Both compartments still need the outer most boards. These take quite a bit of fitting and sanding and fitting and sanding. Im being extra careful not to accidently make a part too small and waste wood, so it takes a while. I havent even started on the rear passenger compartment's Sole yet. I'll run short of wood back there by a couple pieces so I'll have to get another 8ft Ash board to cut to size.

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