Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Deck Battens finished. Fuel tank arrives.

Today I attached the aft end of the forward deck battens to the blocks behind the dash. Im a little concerned the steering mechanism might interfere with the starboard most block, cross that bridge when I come to it. Also faired the forward end of the forward deck battens to the sheer at the bow of the boat. The final task tonight I measured and marked for the seat backs and carlings. I should be able to get to Northwest Lumber to get the material for those tomorrow and work on them on thursday.

The 12 gallon fuel tank also has arrived. A nice place to store it for the mean time is right up in the front of the boat where it will go to even out weight distribution. This tank comes with a fuel guage sending unit, a fuel fill neck, vent fitting and supply fitting already installed.
I also took my plans to a r/c modeling friend that works for an architecture firm and we blew up the 1:12 plans 202% to 1:6 scale. We both plan to build r/c models of the Zip at 28.8" in length powered with electric outboard motors.
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