Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Interior and Electrical work

I'm chipping away at my list of tasks before the decking starts. I began encapsulating the interior this week. I was starting to see signs of wear from dropped tools, etc. So, I sanded and encapsulated those parts to help protect them. So far I only have the back seat area and the motorwell encapsulated. You can see the contrast of the Mahogany color and the Ash floor color. Thats exactly the look I was going for.

Also, I took some pictures of the electrical work so far. I still have some connections to make before I tidy-up the wires and clamp the looms in place but you can see the switch connections and the fuse/bus panel behind the dash. The wires from the battery to the fuse panel and back to the bildge pump and anchor light run inside the side cup-holder rests.

Thursday after work I am going to a local upholstery shop with pictures of my seats and other finished Zip seats to talk about getting my seats upholstered. I'm prepared for sticker shock but hoping for the best. I also will stop by the boat junkyard to see if they have a steering arm link for a mercury outboard and also the clips that hold the throttle/shift cables in place on the motor. Those are the only parts I still need for my motor to run and steer.
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