Friday, April 09, 2010

Throttle Control Bracket.

Today I worked on a throttle control bracket. I dont really like what I came up with, its not real elegant. Its just a elbow of two pieces of 3/4" mahogany that would attach to the armrest. I just cant figure out a better way to get the throttle where I want it. This is the most comfortable position with full range of movement for the throttle and choke levers. If any of you have a better idea shoot me an email.
The throttle control box has 4 holes in it around the paremeter of the blue portion to bolt the throttle in place. The only other thought i had was to have a piece of mahogany come down from the carling above and bolt the throttle to it. I think that idea is just too cumbersome, it would take a pretty large piece of wood since the bolt holes are at the bottom of the throttle control box.
Thats all till next week, no boat work will happen over this weekend.
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