Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ted's visit.

Today fellow Glen-L Zip builder Ted Gauthier dropped in out of the sky for a visit. Ted and one of his many brothers were on thier way back to MI from TX in the homebuilt Vans RV-6 airplane Ted built and since Indy is on their way it made for a good time for a quick visit. You can see more at Teds blog. Here are a couple pictures of Ted and his brother as they readied for the hop to MIIf Ted's boat is anything like the plane he built I'm sure it looks amazing. I hope his visit to my amatuer build was somehow beneficial. Ted was in a hurry to get home to MI but it was great to have a fellow Zip builder drop by even for only a few minutes.
Only building I did today was epoxy in the framework for the motorwell.
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