Monday, April 05, 2010

Steering helm

The Teleflex steering system and helm came today. Got it installed this evening.
I wanted to the wheel to be mounted with some tilt to it and not flat 90 degrees that it would be if you simply attached the helm directly to the dash. So I first made a circular wedge of 8 degrees which is the amount of tilt I decided I like. The the wedge gets a hole drilled in it for the steering wheel shaft to fit through.
Next the dash gets a hole sawn through it to fit the steering wheel shaft. Teleflex includes a template for this and the mounting bolts. Its a simple matter of bolting things in place after that. Pretty easy install but it is nerve wracking to drill a huge hole on the dashboard frame. The steering wheel should be in anyday.

Also pulled the boat outside and washed the sawdust off the hull and trailer. In the background you can see my buddy Bax opening the box for the steering system.

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