Friday, May 21, 2010

Cover Board Joints Cut

Weds and Friday this week I cut the joints in the coverboards and tacked them in place with brads. Im pretty pleased with the joints. I did simple joints with one elbow, i figured the less complex the joint the cleaner my joint lines would be. After the inside and outside radius is trimmed off these boards only the middle 6-8 inches of these 12" wide boards will remain.I cut these with the sabre saw and hit them with the belt sander and a file to finish the jointsI think I am going to be really happy with the way the coverboards come out. The grain in the back 2/3rd of the coverboards really looks awesome, the front 1/3 isnt quite as good since the more angled cuts mean the grain doesnt line up as well but its still very consistent. Getting these all from one board was a great stroke of luck and I'd rather be lucky than good anyday.

Im kinda stuck as to what to do next. Mark the inside radius or mark the outside radius or drill the holes for the screws. I think I will rough cut the outside radius then I can accurately mark and drill the outer screw holes then I can screw everything in place good before I mark the inside radius.
Unfotunately, whatever the next step, its not going to happen until after the weekend. The little Admiral of the boat has other plans for me.
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