Sunday, May 02, 2010

One Year

Its now been 53 weeks since I started working on this project. I only worked on the boat 29 hours this month but looking back it was still a good month. Additionally, I spent a lot of time visiting two upholstery shops and the boat junkyard as well as several trips to West Marine almost an hour away.
I was able to get the steering link arm and the quick connectors for my throttle and shift cables to attach to my motor from the junkyard. I was amazed that in the mass of junk (4 acres and 3 barns worth) that the junkyard manager was able to go straight to and find the parts I needed.
In the month of April my boat went from a bare hull with seats and a floor to having a full electrical system with working lights and bildge pump, as well as plumbed for gas, steering and throttle cables. The motor-well is also installed and everything has been encapsulated in epoxy. Here are the finished electrical and encapsulation pictures you can see how the electrical and fuel lines go through the armrests, electrical on the port side and fuel on starboard side.
I also appear to have hired a upholstery guy. He cant get to my project until after Memorial day but thats fine with me. You can see his work on his website here. He works from a shop behind his home about 30 minutes south of here.Next up is filleting the motor well then begin fairing for the sub-deck installation to begin.
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