Tuesday, July 06, 2010

King Plank Problem

Had a minor set back over the weekend. The king plank popped out of position on one side. I believe this is due to the king planks rather wide width and thickness. Its not able to conform to the crest in the center of the deck, this left areas under the king plank that did not get enough glue or not enough clamping pressure and the joint popped up.
At first I wasnt sure how to fix it. I couldnt screw it from underneath, and I almost resorted to drilling countersunk holes and bolting it back down then plugging the countersunk holes just like the coverboards have. In the end the fellow builders on the glen-l builders forum gave me some great ideas and I was able to use a syrenge to get plenty of epoxy under the plank then using long boards braced against the ceiling I was able to apply plenty of clamping pressure to force the plank back into place.
All is well again but I lost two days worth of progress in the ordeal.

I did finish up the windshield template while fixing the king plank fiasco and ordered the windshield rubber gaskets. Ill test fit again with the gaskets then take the template to the plexiglass shop to have the actual windshields cut.
I also ordered the white paint for the boot stripe at the waterline as well as the clear coat from Supermarine. They gave me 100$ off since they used the photos of my bottom paint in their website gallery.

I spoke with Mike from "Cutwaters by Mike" http://www.cutwaters.com/ He confirmed I can just drive the entire boat to his place 2 hours north of Indy and he will make the cutwater and transom bands right on the boat which will save time and assure a perfect fit. Only problem is that I MUST get the boat to him in the first 1/3rd of August due to his schedule.
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