Monday, June 14, 2010

A messy shop means progress is being made. Lots going on here. I still manage to park a motorcycle and a Jeep in here every night too.

The picture is kinda blurry but here is whats going on this week. The seat bases are getting encapsulated on the far right. On the saw horses the 2.75" mahogany deck planks are having the 3/8" bass wood filler strips epoxied to a plank on one side. This will continue for every deck plank. I have all kinds of things sitting on the boat, a drink bottle, used epoxy mixing cups, clamps, drill, sander etc. On the far left of the boat the side cover board is being glued in and clamped, screwed and weights put on it while it cures.

All the king planks are glued in and I only have one coverboard piece left to glue. Once I get a few more bass wood strips epoxied to planks I will be ready to lay the first deck planks.

The chrome plater says my deck hardware and windshield brackets should be ready to pick up friday.

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