Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This week I began gluing the deck planks in place. I first glued one basswood filler strip to one side of each of the 2.75" wide mahogany planks. Then they install as one piece. The disadvantage to this is that you cannot hold the planks in place with screws and oversize washers where the filler strip is like you can with a caulked deck that is void of caulk at this step.

So to have a screw-less deck required some innovative clamping. Im clamping with large bar clamps across the deck to squeeze the planks up tight with the king plank in the center. Then long pinewood boards keep the deck planks flat and screws and oversize washers are screwed into the sub-deck on the outside edge of the outer most board at a 45 degree angle to hold the outside edge tight to the sub-deck.Its a bit messy but sanding later will clean it up. I also found african mahogany dowel rods online that I used to fill my coverboard screw holes, they match perfect.

Below, picture taken when gluing the first two boards. This is about halfway into fitting the clamps and boards and screws/washers. I end up using several more but then you cant hardly see the deck planks in the picture that way.

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