Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Visit to Todd's Zip

Today I visited Todd B and the Zip he is building in West Palm Beach. I was on a work trip in Miami and made the hour drive north to meet Todd. He has answered questions for me on the Glen-L website forum http://www.glen-l.com/ in the past so it was great to put a face to the name and see his beautiful boat. Todd's boat is waaayy farther along than my boat. I had never even sat in a Zip before today and sitting in Todd's with his newly upholstered seat bottoms installed really got me excited. The work and fore-thought that has gone into the interior of this boat is amazing.
Todd and I had a great chat for a little more than an hour and I got some excellent tips that only another builder who has the experience of already having done it can provide. Thanks again Todd for showing your boat and letting me slow your progress by a couple hours. Hope to see you at "The Gathering" in Oct.

The view out of the Miami Hotel didnt stink either. Nice hotel rooms are cheap in Miami in August, wonder why...

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