Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ordered Floor Material

I've been agonizing over the floor material and method of installation for days. I priced a mahogany plank floor and it would be very expensive, more than I want to pay for the floor of the boat. I had mostly ruled out a plywood floor because I dont really know if I want to carpet the floor which would be required to cover the ugly plywood grain. So I looked for a cheaper material for a planked floor which could also be carpeted if I choose later on. I settled on an Ash planked floor for price and durability. Its only 100$ more than plywood. I pick up the order on friday. The goal is that the lighter color Ash floor contrasts nicely with the mahogany on the rest of the boats interior and exterior.
I plan to install the floor even with the height of the bottom of the frames. Which will allow the floor to lay about an inch lower than normal in the boat.
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