Sunday, December 27, 2009

Port Bottom Fiberglass

Yesterday I sanded the seam of the first layer of fiberglass at the center of the bottom of the boat. This "feathers" the seam down so that the opposite sides layer of fiberglass sits flush to the first layer without leaving a large hump where the two overlap in the middle.

Today I applied the port side of the bottom fiberglass. I didnt have a helper this time and it took about 30 minutes longer. If it were 80 degrees today the epoxy would have set before I was done working. Luckily, its only 65 in my garage so I had more working time with the epoxy. I dont think I will attempt the side fiberglass without a couple helpers. I have better light in the shop now due to a nice Christmas present.

Once the bottom epoxy sets I can sand the seams including the part that overlaps the sides. You can see how ugly the side overlap is before sanding in the bottom picture. Luckily, these strings of fiberglass sand easily. The next step is ordering 4oz cloth for the sides and when that arrives I will be ready to start fiberglassing the side on whatever day I can recruit a couple helpers. In the mean time I have plenty of sanding and other prep work to do and a two day trip to Chicago.
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