Friday, March 26, 2010

Another mistake/Then first ride.

I saw this on a wood boat picture today. It was a placard inside a classic wood boat. It stated,
"If God had intended for boats to be fiberglass he would have made fiberglass trees."
Funny stuff. Anyway, I took a little ride in the boat today.

Boatbuilding bliss is spending 40 minutes perfectly cutting and shaping a part then on the final cut, cutting on the wrong side of the line and ruining the entire part. D*&$ IT!! It was the top of the port rear armrest. Need another 2.5' x7" board.
I finished the starboard rear armrest though, here is a picture of the joint with the forward armrest and cut around frame 2. Also glued up the seat box for the rear seat base. Only worked on the boat 4 hours today.

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