Friday, March 12, 2010

Never ending floor

Seems like the floor is taking forever. Ive got all but the rear seat area done. 6 more planks to go. Then I to build the brace that helps support the wieght evenly among the planks and transfers the load to the keel.
I do need to replace one plank in the forward cockpit. I snapped off a bronze screw head in the plank and while trying to remove the shank from within the board I goobered it up so its not pretty anymore around the countersunk screw head. Thats only a 15$ mistake so not bad. If it werent a custom cut board I could just flip it over to the not goobered up side but this one is cut to fit around the frame gusset.
The boatbuilding budget got a boost today. I sold my Precision 13 sailboat. No need for 2 boats.
Here is a picture of it from last summer.

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