Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interior work begins

Finally starting the interior work. I wasted 3 days looking at pictures online, sketching in my head then on paper and finally came up with a plan for the interior that I was satisfied would be easy enough for me and my lack of talent to build and still look good while being funtional. Here is 14 hours work over the last 2 days... basically 3 boxes. Sorry, the pictures are kind of yellowed out, I didnt have the flash on because all the dust in the air made it look like snow and it was dark outside so no natural light.

The side armrests will have cupholders mounted in them. If i decide to get fancy I can make them glove boxes too. The inside of the side planking will likely have thin upholstered panels in them so the inside grain of the boats exterior side planking is not visible. The throttle controls will be bolted on a mahogany plate extending down from the carling near the deck and the cables run aft under the deck. The front seat bottom will hinge up for storage under the seat. Once the seat cushion is installed the seat height will be slighly above the edge of the boxes on the side of the seat.
The seat looks low and it is, I dont like how in some Zips the people are seated up quite high. The front of the seat box is 4-1/2" above the floor and reclines to 3-1/2" at the rear. Its quite comfortable, I tested it. The recline angle makes the shallow area for your legs very comfortable. Your legs have plenty of room to stretch out. Your arm/elbow comfortably rest right at the deck height. Kinda like driving a pickup truck with your arm/elbow resting out the window sill. Cool. I

Above is the rear seat beginning to take shape. The vertical portion of the glove-box cup-holder thingy is cut to size just need to cut the top and shape it. The seat box is started, the rear seat is 1" lower than the front seat. The rear seat passengers' legs can exted all the way to the front seat box. The rear seat back will hinge forward to allow access to the battery and other electrical equipment as well as some extra storage. Again, I will likely have a thin upholstered piece on the side between the glove-box/cup-holder and the bottom of the deck.
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