Monday, May 31, 2010

13th month

I put in 40 hours of boatbuilding this month. That brings the total to 497 hours thus far. Breaking that down, if you are thinking that you dont have the time to build one of these boats yourself think about this. If you break my hours down by month its basically an hour per weekday and 2 hours each weekend day. Food for thought.
Im going to try to put in more hours on the boat in the next couple months and really strive to get finished soon. I still wont announce an official launch date, but the one in my head seems do-able. The last major decision I need to make is how to do the deck planks. Not sure if I want to do all mahogany or add some contrast by using a different species of wood for the individual deck planks. In the mean time I need to prep the sub-deck and permanently install it.
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