Thursday, May 27, 2010

King Plank fitting begins

Gotta love boat building days like this. It was 80F with a nice breeze blowing into the garage, I got lots of things done and didnt make any mistakes. (at least none that I have noticed yet) Today, I cut the inside curve on the port side. I also rough cut the outside edge of the coverboards on the port side. I left over 1/2" overhanging so I can fair the edge of the coverboards up at the same angle as the hull sides.I also cut the Vee angle into the front of the king plank where it matches with the coverboards. I couldnt resist clamping it in place for a picture. I will be trimming the king plank an inch or two narrower later on. The coverboards will be narrower when the outside edge is faired as well.
Next I'll continue working on the king plank in the aft two sections of the boat and figuring out how wide to make the king plank and deck planks.
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