Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sub-deck Glued/Screwed in place

I wanted to be sure the sub-deck wouldnt move on me before I kept going with the deck fitting so I removed the decking and glued and screwed the sub-deck permanently.

A little college on the subject...Unless you are as agile and flexible as an 8 year old, or have one on hand that is handy with a brush and roller, be sure to remember to encapsulate the underside of your sub-deck material before gluing it in place. On the first section of the bow sub-deck I forgot to and it made for an uncomfortable hour on my back, in a tiny, hot, space. On the other hand, with a little padding you could have a little berth under there for naps at sea. The wife found it amusing.
Before I took the decking off to attach the sub-deck I cut out two small inserts for the radius on each side of the king plank for a smooth curved transition from king plank to coverboards at the front of the deck. You might find the radius nearly identical to a SOLO plastic cup lip.
Now to re-install everything and get back to moving forward.
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