Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I finally got around to trimming the deck fair with the side of the boat. I should have got a picture of my method but forgot to. Anyway, I taped a very thin piece of aluminum sheet about 2 ft square against the side of the boat with the top edge fit just up to the bottom of the sub-deck. Then I ran the hand-held belt sander against edge of the decking using the side of the boat as a guide to shape the edge as a continuation of the shape of the boats side. The aluminum sheet protecting the side of the boat from getting sanded since I dont want to risk sanding into the fiberglass on the sides. A stainless steel rub rail will be fit along the seam of the decking and sides to finish it off. Which reminds me I need to get that ordered next week.

I also trimmed the deck around the cockpits and rounded the edges.

Now a side job I am doing is going to interrupt further progress until sunday. Darn it, gotta fund this thing somehow though.
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