Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sanding and sanding and sanding

Lots of sanding. I havent posted many pictures of sanding because its boring but here ya go. I think about the strangest things while listening to the drone of a sander. Anyway, here is 3 hours worth of strange thoughts.

Sanding where the bottom fiberglass overlaps onto the side to "feather" the higher edge of the fiberglass overlap level with the wood on the side of the boat. This way the side fiberglass should lay perfectly flat.
I just wonder if I left too much overhang from the bottom onto the sides. It may overhang in places up the side of the boat farther than the bottom paint covers. I wonder if it would show through? I am planning a bit of a high waterline just because I like seeing some of the paint color when the boat is in the water. I dont like all the painted areas hiding under water. So I may be ok anyways.

I'm ready to fiberglass the final side thursday or friday but at the moment I dont have a helper lined up so it may be saturday.
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