Thursday, June 03, 2010

Im having a good building week, 5 hours tues, 4 weds, and 4 today. The sub-deck is glued on and the coverboards and king plank are back in place for now.
My father in-law had a great idea, he said I needed a radius transition in the aft end of the coverboards like the coverboard/king plank transition at the bow. So I made those this morning.

Then I started trimming the outside edge of the coverboards around the sheer. Im still afraid to use a router, since I have never used one so Im doing it the hard way. I trim with a saw as close as I dare and then sand the rest. Im within a couple 1/8ths all the way around now.

I think I'll go order the mahogany stock for my deck planking tomorrow. I also want to take my hardware that needs to be chrome plated to some plating shops tomorrow, there are 3 within 1 mile of each other on the east side of Indy and I'd like to get these done while Im working next week so at least something is getting done while I cant work on the boat myself.
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