Monday, July 26, 2010

2nd clear coat

I spent 8 hours sanding the first clear coat from 320-800 grit on the entire hull. This morning I applied the second clear coat on the deck very thin and I had two blemishes the size of my hand that looked cloudy like some sort of surface contamination on the surface of the wood.

Amazingly, it totally vanished as the clear cured. I was stunned.
So I then put on another very light coat, it had been about 3-4 hours since the first but I thinned it too agressively. A couple areas crincled slightly too.

So I added some more clear to the mix to get the right ratio again that I had used before (under 10% thinner) and applied to the sides. I think the sides are DONE!

I'll lightly sand and do one more coat on the deck then Im calling that done as well. This SM1000 clear takes some getting used to but it has some amazing qualities and what I thought would take a month or more with varnish is going to be done in 1/3 the time.
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