Sunday, July 11, 2010

Still Sanding

Lots and lots of sanding. I started with a belt sander on the deck with 120 grit. I did one pass over the entire deck. Then I switced to a random orbit sander for about 3 passes with 120 grit. If doing this again I would skip the belt sander all together and go straight to the random orbit, it does a much better job. With the belt sander you put in as many humps and valleys as you take out no matter how good your belt sander is. Im glad someone told me to switch to the random orbit when they did.Then I random orbit sanded the hull sides to 120. Then I started block sanding with a 11x3" block with 150 grit over the entire boat. As of now the entire boat is sanded through 150 grit with the hand block. The hand block does a great job. I'll switch to 220 tomorrow and block out the entire boat a couple times.
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